Saturday, 23 August 2014

Pre Holiday Pamper

There is nothing I love more than a good old fashioned pamper session! And what better excuse do I have now that I'm going on holiday in 6 days! Although holiday preparations can be a little stressful and time consuming, I actually quite enjoy a little pamper session before going on holiday. I've actually made a waxing appointment this year too so instead of all that time consuming de fuzzing stress I'll be concentrating on more enjoyable things, such as having a glass of wine and a bubble bath! 

I always give my skin a good old scrub with an exfoliator before I go away. Firstly, it prepares your body for tanning as it gets rid of all the yucky dead skin, and secondly, it leaves your skin fresh, glowing and is said to minimize cellulite! For a good old body scrub I will be using TBS Blueberry Body Scrub Gelee, which smells beaut as does anything from The Body Shop, and to exfoliate my feel I use another TBS product, which is the Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak! I also use a pumice stone to get rid of any hard skin on my feet, but I haven't pictured this as I didn't really think it was necessary, and I didn't want to gross anyone out! I will then be using this No7 Blissful Body Wash as its slightly more nourishing and moisturizing than another ordinary shower gel and smells just like the inside of a spa!! 

Moving onto hair (of body and of head) this is where I would normally shave my legs ect, but I don't have that to worry about due to being super organized and actually having made a waxing appointment! My hair gets really dry and straw like in the hot hot heat that is anywhere abroad, so I'm going to make sure I use a good treatment on it before I go. This one is Tresemme Platinum Strength, and it works to repair damage and nourish dry ends. 

After a bath (or shower if you prefer) is the perfect face mask opportunity as all your pores have opened up with the steam. My favourite face mask of all time is the Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed since it leaves my face super clean and radiant, and allows my moisturizer to sink in like a dream afterwards. Moisturizing your body should be quick and easy, but sadly its just not. I have three products here which I use regularly; the first one is TBS Brazil Nut Oil, which makes your skin ridiculously soft and leaves no residue so long as it is applied to damp skin. Another TBS body moisturizing product is my favourite Body Butter in Coconut, which is amazing if you have dry skin as it is so so nourishing and the smell is divine. Last but not least is actually my body Moisturizer of choice which is the Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion with Gradual Tanner. I always like to be a teeny tiny bit brown for the first day of my holiday to avoid looking like a milk bottle in a bikini so this should do the trick while also leaving my skin super soft and hydrated!

Moving onto the last product it is Avon Footworks Heel Softening Lotion, and I will be popping this on before bed avec cotton socks to ensure my feet and tootsies are perfectly moisturized, and soft in my summer sandals! Now, normally I'd move onto nails and toes, but the super organised in me had also managed to book a manicure and pedicure appointment before I go away so hurrah for being organised!! 

How do you prepare for going on holiday? What are your favourite pamper products? 


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