Friday, 20 June 2014

Most Marketable Skills Campaign: From a Bloggers POV.

Recently I received an E-mail regarding something that is constantly on my mind these days; that scary time in the not so distant future when I will have to leave uni (as a graduate, eek) and actually get a real job. When it comes to jobs I have no problem applying and I always seem to get on well with interviews. I must have had at least 50 job interviews and I think bar one I have had an offer every time. Now don't get me wrong I love my part time job, and I love working in general, but there is something about being rejected from something you actually want to do forever that absolutely terrifies me! The thought of competing with so many other graduates is a weird thought, and I'm probably going to have to do some work to stand out from the crowd.

I've been asked by Webucator to do this post as a contribution to their 'Most Marketable Skills' campaign. As this is something, which as I said is constantly on my mind I hastily accepted the invitation and delved into thinking about the future. If you have never heard of Webucator (I actually hadn't) its basically a website which hosts a range of courses, which teach you different skills with the aim of making you more attractive to prospective employers. There are a range of different technology, and business courses you can take, and some of them are self-paced which is ideal if you have other commitments. I personally think its a great idea and I would definitely take advantage if I was in the current job market!

Anyways, what Webucator have asked me to do is to explain my own thoughts and feelings about what makes a graduate or even a non-graduate employable, and if there are any skills or qualities, which are extra valuable. If I'm completely honest as a current undergrad I'm not entirely sure. I do know for certain that no matter what classification you get for your degree its so important to create opportunities for yourself. As a blogger I get asked all the time why I do it as I don't get paid. To start with it was just a little hobby, and now that it has grown into something of a small success I find myself mentioning it on job applications and it now boasts a spot on my CV. I expect that employers want to know that you are an interesting person, and you really need to give them something to make them excited about you. Saying you got a first class degree is brilliant, but the real world goes way beyond academic ability. 

Its true that I've seen job advertisements that request candidates to have a 2:1 or above, but its likely that they will still accept lower if the person has shown ability or passion in that field of work (I've done my research). Shockingly I've also heard that some employers are extremely prejudice about which universities candidates went to meaning that those who went to a less established uni could lose out to candidates from more prestigious institutions. Is this fair? Probably not, as both candidates have done the same amount of work to get their degree, but the sheer amount of applications employers have to choose from allows them to be picky! 

So, getting ahead of the game is the best advice I can give to myself and my fellow undergrads. If there is a certain area you'd like to work in; now is the time to build experience. I doubt that working for free is very appealing, but it will be less appealing in a few years time when you are officially a graduate working for free. Where there are no opportunities; create them! Through blogging I have met so many lovely people, and my list of contacts is slowly but surely getting larger. I now know how to respond to PR in a professional manner, and can get my personality across in an email in just a few sentences. Oh, and is it worth mentioning that I have had to learn some pretty tricky html coding; although I did get help with that!

How do you guys feel about the scary world of employment? Do any of you have any tips for making yourself more marketable?


  1. I'll definitely take a look at the site it sounds very useful.
    I agree that Blogging is great for contacts. I'm taking a degree in PR and marketing which links closely to blogging so it's great.

    1. Yup there's so many jobs ect in marketing that blogging can set you up for! Blogging helps really organise and prioritise as well! Xxxx


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