Monday, 9 June 2014

Garnier Ultralift Day and Night Cream.

I'm no longer ashamed to admit it! I use anti-ageing creams and skincare! I don't really have any wrinkles as of yet. What I do have, however, are a few fine lines on my head, which I can only assume are a result of all that sunscreen free sunbathing I did as a teenager (naughty!). But although I have no wrinkles currently, I really ought to prevent new ones from forming. In fact, the way I see it the sooner you start the better. Apart from of course my mother, who is 52, has never worn anti-wrinkle cream in her life, and whose forehead doesn't even have so much as a frown line. I wish I could hold out hope my skin will age as well as hers has, but as a redhead she has worn SPF 50 all her life, and besides she isn't really a sun worshipper anyhow.

I was in search of some new moisturizer recently, when I came across the Garnier Ultralift Complete Beauty Day Cream . On the label I noticed: 'anti-wrinkle' and 'radiance boosting' and was completely sold! In case you hadn't noticed by now I am a total sucker for anything which claims to enhance my skin or give it any sort of radiant glow. Since Garnier skincare was on offer at the time I also picked up the Ultralift Complete Beauty Night Cream, as I was running low on night time skin supplies; and my No7 fave is a little pricey when you are currently saving for a holiday abroad. (sob!)

In both boxes of cream there is a little chart which shows a women with wrinkles and which grade her wrinkles belong to; so, for example, mild wrinkles would be grade 1 and deeper wrinkles would be grade 8. On the box it tells you to match up yours according to the chart and then after 28 days to go back to the chart and see if your wrinkles have improved. Unfortunately I am a terrible beauty blogger and this is all a bit too fiddly for me, not to mention the fact that I don't even have any proper wrinkles to match up anyways, but its certainly a nice concept. 

In terms of the products the day cream doesn't come with an SPF, which is obviously annoying, but my current foundation does have one so I have been relying on that for just now (bad I know). I have since discovered that the exact same cream does actually come with an SPF, but being in too much of a rush I shoved the first one I picked up into my basket and headed to the till. Both the day and night cream are fairly light in consistency, which is unusual for anti-ageing products, but something that I do enjoy as I hate waiting ages for moisturizer to sink into my skin. Also, when you rub it onto your face there is a sort of (very subtle) pearlescent effect, which makes your skin appear more radiant. Useful for when my skin is lacking a bit of lustre the morning after a night of cocktails or tequila shots if I'm being really bad. 

Overall, both are lovely, but I do have a slight feeling that they are almost exactly the same, and to be honest I'd like a more intensive night cream. I'm also peeved that I picked up the day cream without SPF, but next time I will be sure to actually check the box before I buy it. I've noticed a slight difference in my skin as its definitely more hydrated and seems to stay hydrated throughout the day, but nothing too drastic as yet. Saying that, I have only been using these for about a week now so I'll probably have to wait a little longer to see if they have any long term benefits for my skin.

How many of you have used these products? What is your take on anti-ageing skincare?


  1. I have never tried this product but I've seen them in the drugstore. I just use SPF to prevent my skin from aging :/ I use eye cream too from Laneige because my dark circles are horrible.

    xx, | Latest post: Propolis For Acne

    1. I feel you on the dark circles babe! I hate mines :(


  2. aaah what a shame you picked it up without SPF, it;s always so handy when your moisturiser contains it because then you don't have to worry as much during the day, I completely agree with you though, I also use anti-ageing creams because like they say... Prevention is better than cure, it's never too early to start!!

    Hannah xx

    1. Oh I love that phrase haha! :p xxxxx

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