Sunday, 29 June 2014

HAUL: What I Got For My Birthday

Hello everyone! I was debating whether or not to do this post as they are always a little controversial, and I feel as though some people are of the opinion that these posts are all about showing off. But, I decided to do it as I actually love seeing what other people got for their birthday/Christmas since I'm a little nosier than most! I never see these posts and think that person is showing off! I'm so grateful that I received so many beautiful gifts this year from all my friends, family and boyfriend! The best present of all isn't actually pictured, because my mum and dad bought me a ticket for T in the Park! I'm so excited and overwhelmed by everyone's generosity! Thank you all for your lovely gifts!

Really hope you enjoy this and don't think I'm showing off haha! 

Friday, 27 June 2014

June Empties.

Okay, so as usual its the last few days of the month and for the past couple of days I've been gathering up all of my empty containers to show you lot what I've used up beauty wise. This lot seems pretty teeny in comparison to last months empties post, but I have to say there will be a few repurchases here again :)

First up is my holy grail of day cream the No7 Protect and Perfect Intense Day Cream. I swear by this and its counterpart night cream. It's a little pricey, but its so light on the skin, has no strong fragrances and sinks in so quickly; oh and it comes with SPF! Bet you all knew I was going to say that! Sticking to the skincare theme I've also worked my way through a huge bottle of Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water, which is currently on offer in Superdrug FYI! I'm not surprised it took me ages to finish this! For under five quid you get a whopping 400ml! I absolutely swear by this, it's so mild it feels like water taking your make up off. I've also used up a teeny tube of Boots Witch Hazel Gel. This is so cheap, but a life saver if you suffer from breakouts. I use this as a toner to stop my spots from spreading and the witch hazel soothes the affected areas and tightens pores. Such a good budget product! 

Moving onto make up, I've found myself at the end of my Rimmel Colour Rush Balm in Not an Illusion! I adore this product! Firstly, for a drugstore product the longevity is amazing! It sees me through the best part of the day without reapplying. Secondly, I just love this color as its so natural and great for work and everyday wear! I've also managed to use up one of my many many mascaras. This one is the NYC Showtime Mascara in Waterproof ! Now I absolutely love the original version of this mascara, but the waterproof version just isn't doing it for me; it gets a little flaky and dry throughout the day! I do recommend the original though as its super cheap and makes your lashes look gorgeous and fluttery! 

Last but not least, I have used up my Herbal Essences Bee Strong Conditioner. Herbal Essences is pretty much the haircare I reach for when I don't know what else to buy; I have been using it since forever, and I have no problems with it. It makes my hair soft and shiny and this range in particular really seems to nourish my dry ends! I love the smell of it too! I will probably purchase this until I'm old and grey if they are still making it!

So that is everything I've used up this month! Have you used any of these products?

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

POTD: It's My Birthday!

 I woke up today to this lovely birthday breakfast courtesy of my dad! Poached eggs, toast, beans, and bacon, some green tea, and a miniature birthday cake complete with candle. I love little thoughtful gestures like this!

Anyways here's to being another year older than I was yesterday! Where did I think my life would be at 23? I didn't think I'd be still living with my parents, thought I would have graduated, and even possibly working full time. Its strange how life doesn't always go to plan, but I don't regret anything. I like living at home just now; its comfortable, it saves me money, and I kind of love being around my crazy family all of the time. I'm only two years away from leaving university with a degree and a teaching qualification, and then I will hopefully be able to start thinking about saving for my own place! I'm hoping I won't spend the rest of my life living and working in Glasgow, but it will always be my home.

So, for now I'm off to meet Lewis so he can spoil me a bit, and then we are going to a wedding reception in the evening. Tomorrow my mother and I are going to get our nails and tan done for the wedding on Saturday, and shes promised birthday cocktails! On Friday I'm heading into town for a few gins (or more) with a some of my best girlfriends! I can't wait to see them they all make me laugh so much and we always have such a good time together! 

With all these activities I won't be able to blog so I've scheduled a few posts instead. Be sure to check my blog as I'm unsure whether I'll be able to promote them on twitter yet! Thanks guysss! :)

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Tresemme 7 Day Smooth Serum.

I should start this post by telling you that I haven't been using this along with the shampoo and conditioner, which is recommended for best results. Whatever Tresemme. I couldn't afford to get everything in the range as I'm trying to curb my spending a little; you know cos that's what us bloggers tell ourselves when we feel a little guilty about spending all of our wages on beauty products. In reality it doesn't work for me because however long I manage to stick to my spending ban will be how many things I buy when I finally decide to take my debit card out for a stroll.

The Tresemme 7 Day Smooth Serum claims to keep your hair frizz free for up to four washes; a claim which I definitely had to put to the test when I saw this. Overall, I have pretty average hair. It's gotten extremely long, but because its so thick and coarse it can get a bit frizzy if the weather is anything other than mild, and during a particularly intensive gym session I always catch sight of myself as curly sue in the mirror. I'm glad I have thick hair, but sometimes it can be an absolute chore to maintain and style it. 

On the back of the box the directions say to use up to five pumps of serum through damp hair before blow drying. I actually got a bit worried that that amount of product would make my hair greasy so I ended up only using two. I rarely straighten my hair but after blow drying it on this particular occasion I decided to get out the old GHDs  to activate the serum and keep my hair frizz free for longer. 

Now I didn't see much of a difference until I washed my hair again two days later. I left my hair to dry naturally, which normally results in fly aways and leaves it a little fluffy, but to my astonishment my hair looked much sleeker, and shinier. There wasn't any frizz in sight, and although my hair is naturally quite big and curly it wasn't as bushy as normal, and the serum really seemed to have calmed it down. 

I would say that it lasted another wash after that one so for the price it is a fairly good product. If you only have a little frizz then I'd probably say you don't need it as it does take a little effort the first time you use it. I'm really happy I tried this and I'm hoping it will be a lifesaver on holiday when the humidity turns my locks into a frizz ball!

Have any of you tried this yet? Do you think these kind of products are worth the hype?


Monday, 23 June 2014

Newbies #3

Oh Benefit how I love thee, let me count the ways...Okay that is me just expressing how much I love Benefit. I love how every product is always super high quality, innovative, and comes in cute and quirky packaging! I feel like they really deliver on quality and never shy away from coming up with new ideas and ways to make a girls beauty regime more fun!

This week I have purchased a couple of things from my favorite stand. The first thing was something I set out to get as I have a wedding coming up on Saturday and need some good quality mascara that won't rub off. They're Real! is genuinely one of the best mascaras out there, and the only reason I don't use it on a regular basis is that its an absolute nightmare to get off. I'm not a fan of false lashes as I'm not very good at putting them on and I don't think they look very natural anyways so I would much rather enhance my own! This mascara has small spikes on the end of the brush to reach those all important corner lashes. I absolutely love it!

I also bought the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation, which was a bit of a stab in the dark as i haven't heard much about it in the beauty world. Like I said I really love and trust benefit products so I'm hoping this will work well on me. It contains an SPF of 25 which is super impressive, so it will definitely be going in my holiday make up bag! You all must know how OCD I am about SPF by now surely;)? 

I'm really looking forward to using these two, and I can't wait to upload some pics when I do my wedding make up!! 

Have any of you guys tried these products? What did you think of them?


Sunday, 22 June 2014

POTD: Grey Eyeshadow and Berry Lips

Hey guys!  Just thought I'd post a few pics of a new make up look I have been trying! I absolutely love a berry lip, and I wanted to make it a bit more vampy with some smokey eye shadow. I never usually wear eye shadow, but I got so many complements on it that I think I may start!! It was really weird going out without my usual winged eyeliner, but I'm actually starting to like not wearing it! I've had this Topshop Lipstick for ages, and its actually amazing. It wears so well and I love the colour. I've also heard through the grapevine that the Topshop make up is made by the same people who make MAC so its got to be good quality! :)

Products used:

What do you guys think of this look?


Friday, 20 June 2014

Most Marketable Skills Campaign: From a Bloggers POV.

Recently I received an E-mail regarding something that is constantly on my mind these days; that scary time in the not so distant future when I will have to leave uni (as a graduate, eek) and actually get a real job. When it comes to jobs I have no problem applying and I always seem to get on well with interviews. I must have had at least 50 job interviews and I think bar one I have had an offer every time. Now don't get me wrong I love my part time job, and I love working in general, but there is something about being rejected from something you actually want to do forever that absolutely terrifies me! The thought of competing with so many other graduates is a weird thought, and I'm probably going to have to do some work to stand out from the crowd.

I've been asked by Webucator to do this post as a contribution to their 'Most Marketable Skills' campaign. As this is something, which as I said is constantly on my mind I hastily accepted the invitation and delved into thinking about the future. If you have never heard of Webucator (I actually hadn't) its basically a website which hosts a range of courses, which teach you different skills with the aim of making you more attractive to prospective employers. There are a range of different technology, and business courses you can take, and some of them are self-paced which is ideal if you have other commitments. I personally think its a great idea and I would definitely take advantage if I was in the current job market!

Anyways, what Webucator have asked me to do is to explain my own thoughts and feelings about what makes a graduate or even a non-graduate employable, and if there are any skills or qualities, which are extra valuable. If I'm completely honest as a current undergrad I'm not entirely sure. I do know for certain that no matter what classification you get for your degree its so important to create opportunities for yourself. As a blogger I get asked all the time why I do it as I don't get paid. To start with it was just a little hobby, and now that it has grown into something of a small success I find myself mentioning it on job applications and it now boasts a spot on my CV. I expect that employers want to know that you are an interesting person, and you really need to give them something to make them excited about you. Saying you got a first class degree is brilliant, but the real world goes way beyond academic ability. 

Its true that I've seen job advertisements that request candidates to have a 2:1 or above, but its likely that they will still accept lower if the person has shown ability or passion in that field of work (I've done my research). Shockingly I've also heard that some employers are extremely prejudice about which universities candidates went to meaning that those who went to a less established uni could lose out to candidates from more prestigious institutions. Is this fair? Probably not, as both candidates have done the same amount of work to get their degree, but the sheer amount of applications employers have to choose from allows them to be picky! 

So, getting ahead of the game is the best advice I can give to myself and my fellow undergrads. If there is a certain area you'd like to work in; now is the time to build experience. I doubt that working for free is very appealing, but it will be less appealing in a few years time when you are officially a graduate working for free. Where there are no opportunities; create them! Through blogging I have met so many lovely people, and my list of contacts is slowly but surely getting larger. I now know how to respond to PR in a professional manner, and can get my personality across in an email in just a few sentences. Oh, and is it worth mentioning that I have had to learn some pretty tricky html coding; although I did get help with that!

How do you guys feel about the scary world of employment? Do any of you have any tips for making yourself more marketable?

Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Defining Moment.

I can't explain the purpose of this post, why I wanted to write it or whether or not it will even interest any of you. But the other night when I tried to close my eyes to go to sleep I realized that I was far too excited to sleep, and that I was all of a sudden completely over whelmed by happiness to the point where I was almost experiencing euphoria. I have no idea where it came from or why it just suddenly came over me the way it did, but the point is I have never felt such a moment of absolute content like it in my entire life. There have been moments such as holidays or seeing my favorite band on stage when I've felt absolute bliss take over me, but this was something different altogether. It was less fleeting than the normal bursts of energy and happiness one can sometimes feel at the right moment. If anyone has ever read the Perks of Being a Wallflower you may remember the quote that goes something like 'and in that moment we were infinite'. I guess that's what I felt; like everything was finally right, and it would be that way always.

For a while now I've been starting to realize just how far my little life has come in such a short time. I'm so content with my life and everything that is happening to me at the moment that I never really get the chance to step back and just appreciate how good life is. I actually feel as though I have 'found myself', however cringey that may sound, or that I'm starting to 'get somewhere'. For the first time in my life I have realized the people who are important to me, and why they are important to me. I've actually realized that its possible to have friends that care about your happiness just as much as their own, and feel genuinely pleased for you when you do well. Good friends may put up with your darker moments, but it takes an amazing friend to actually feel a sense of pride in you and your achievements. This is also something I have learned to do for my friends in return, and it feels pretty amazing. I don't think two years ago I could even have imagined how good growing up would feel, and how much so many of the relationships in my life would develop. I didn't know half of what I had going for me, and I always seemed to suffer from low self-esteem. I constantly thought about everything that kept going wrong instead of concentrating on the many things, which were actually going right! Every little part of me wishes I could go back in time, give my own shoulders a shake and say: 'Be happy! You have so much going for you!'

These days other peoples achievements don't make me feel bad about a lack of my own, but are helping me to recognize my own strengths and weaknesses; which are completely different for everyone. I feel like a much stronger person, and criticism rarely gets me down. People are entitled to their own opinions after all. I'm not saying that I never feel unhappy or that I look in the mirror every day and thinking I look drop dead gorgeous, but with the right make up sometimes I feel lucky to have clear blue eyes, or high cheekbones. Doing really well in university this time around was also the huge wake up call I needed. I always knew I was smart, and I never failed anything in school, but sometimes I lacked the motivation to complete a piece of work or actually go to an exam (lol!). Isn't it strange how you can just turn around and surprise yourself?

I don't really know what ever made me a happier human being, but I don't think it was a single person or event, or conversation. I think that in my head it can all be attributed to a few certain moments. Small moments which I have never forgotten and will never forget. Its not that these were huge big events like getting married or anything, just simple situations, which I don't think will ever become unstuck from my memory. One of these is the time when Lewis told me ever so sincerely that I was a really kind person, which has always stuck in my head. I think being kind to others is just human nature really, something that we should all strive for, and its one of the few things someone would ever give you an outright complement on, but someone did, and it made me feel like my life was just that little bit more successful. Another thing which I've never quite gotten over was when I went to pick up a history essay from my tutor. When he asked me how I thought I got on I responded negatively saying that I mucked up the references, and forgot to write about a particular event. That was when he smiled and told me that I did better than anyone in the whole module and actually it was one of only three first class essays in the year. I think I was really shocked as I never expected myself to be that clever, and I often wonder why that was. Other moments happen on more of a day-to-day basis when I get to meet people through my job or through blogging that I wouldn't otherwise have met. It's amazing watching an old man buy his wife a designer handbag because he just 'really wants to treat her' or having someone email me to tell me that they loved my blog post. Its even better seeing people that have mistreated you in the past achieving something and just feeling happy for them. Jealousy and bitterness are the most horrid emotions, and I think its about time people started supporting one another rather than putting each other down. Lets be honest here bitching about how ugly or weird someone is is high school bullsh*t, and I think we are all a lot better than that. Lets stop thinking about other people's lives and start building our own.

So, even though I'm getting older, I don't mind. I'm looking towards things that are making me happy instead of back at things that made me miserable, and I'm glad to have the people that I do in my life. I don't know who the f**k told me I wasn't good enough before, but I'm pretty sure they won't be a part of my future. Its a joy to spend time living your life the way you want instead of listening to other people, and that is exactly what I intend on doing. 


Sunday, 15 June 2014

I Went Shopping!

Oh look what I went and did! Spent pennies that I most definitely don't have. I have an unbelievable amount of things on this summer, from weddings to holidays to festivals to the commonwealth games; my diary is looking absolutely jam-packed, and all I need now is a little bit of sunshine to get me excited for upcoming events :)! Of course i should really be budgeting my money for these things, but I keep telling myself that its okay to treat yourself every now and again!

So, I'll start with everyone's favorite budget high street store Primark! I have a real hate love relationship with Primark to be honest, and I quite often find that I can go in and not like anything at all while there are other times I could spend my whole wage in there. I'm aware that the clothes are not the best quality nor are they that well tailored, but to be honest if I'm getting something to wear for a night out or buying holiday clothes its not likely I am going to wear them again anyways(...and I wonder where all my money goes)! The very first thing I picked up was this cute little floral bikini! I love bandeau bikinis as it means you don't get nasty strap tan lines, and this one is so adorable! I think it was about £8 for the whole thing, so it was a total bargain! I also got some standard black flip flops to wear on the beach for a quid! After the cheeky holiday purchases I headed to the shoes planning to buy a cute pair of sandals, but I couldn't resist these cute T-bar dolly shoes. I really think these are going to look so sweet with a pair of frilly socks and shorts in the summer! On my way to the check out I also spotted the darker version of my new fave tanning product, which I have been meaning to try out for ages. Obviously that went straight into my basket, and now that I've tried it I can reveal that I personally like it better than the original. It gives a slightly darker look, which i personally like for nights out.

I then went straight to House of Fraser to pick up a Pliage Long Champ Bag I had seen in the sale (Sorry about the link they are not on the HoF website!)! This cream one had 30 percent off and I know it will be the perfect hand luggage bag for my flight to Turkey in August! Unfortunately, its already a little dirty so I'm not sure if cream was really the wisest color choice for me personally, but ah well. I also managed to snap up this cute little Polka Dot Shirt from the Miss Selfridge, which I thought would be amazing for work. Its so loose fitting and comfortable, and looks great with a pair of leggings! Instead of heading home after all of that I decided to go to The Body Shop to get Lewis's mum some nice skincare bits for her birthday, and because I had so many stamps on my membership card I got this lovely Blueberry Scrub-Gelee absolutely free!! It smells so delicious and I literally cannot wait to use it!

I'd also like to invite you all to like my new China Doll Diaries Facebook Page! I decided to make this so that my non-blogging friends had a way of keeping up to date with my blog as it can be pretty tricky to do so without Bloglovin'!

What did you think of my shopping spree? Was I naughty enough? 

Thursday, 12 June 2014

A Birthday Wish(list).

So, you may or may not know that it just so happens to be my birthday at the end of the month!! I wanted to compile a little wishlist, and believe me when I say I've tried to make it as modest as possible! I already know what I'm getting for my birthday tbh so this is mostly wishful thinking (haha).

What do you think of my wishlist? Is anything catching your eye? 

Monday, 9 June 2014

Garnier Ultralift Day and Night Cream.

I'm no longer ashamed to admit it! I use anti-ageing creams and skincare! I don't really have any wrinkles as of yet. What I do have, however, are a few fine lines on my head, which I can only assume are a result of all that sunscreen free sunbathing I did as a teenager (naughty!). But although I have no wrinkles currently, I really ought to prevent new ones from forming. In fact, the way I see it the sooner you start the better. Apart from of course my mother, who is 52, has never worn anti-wrinkle cream in her life, and whose forehead doesn't even have so much as a frown line. I wish I could hold out hope my skin will age as well as hers has, but as a redhead she has worn SPF 50 all her life, and besides she isn't really a sun worshipper anyhow.

I was in search of some new moisturizer recently, when I came across the Garnier Ultralift Complete Beauty Day Cream . On the label I noticed: 'anti-wrinkle' and 'radiance boosting' and was completely sold! In case you hadn't noticed by now I am a total sucker for anything which claims to enhance my skin or give it any sort of radiant glow. Since Garnier skincare was on offer at the time I also picked up the Ultralift Complete Beauty Night Cream, as I was running low on night time skin supplies; and my No7 fave is a little pricey when you are currently saving for a holiday abroad. (sob!)

In both boxes of cream there is a little chart which shows a women with wrinkles and which grade her wrinkles belong to; so, for example, mild wrinkles would be grade 1 and deeper wrinkles would be grade 8. On the box it tells you to match up yours according to the chart and then after 28 days to go back to the chart and see if your wrinkles have improved. Unfortunately I am a terrible beauty blogger and this is all a bit too fiddly for me, not to mention the fact that I don't even have any proper wrinkles to match up anyways, but its certainly a nice concept. 

In terms of the products the day cream doesn't come with an SPF, which is obviously annoying, but my current foundation does have one so I have been relying on that for just now (bad I know). I have since discovered that the exact same cream does actually come with an SPF, but being in too much of a rush I shoved the first one I picked up into my basket and headed to the till. Both the day and night cream are fairly light in consistency, which is unusual for anti-ageing products, but something that I do enjoy as I hate waiting ages for moisturizer to sink into my skin. Also, when you rub it onto your face there is a sort of (very subtle) pearlescent effect, which makes your skin appear more radiant. Useful for when my skin is lacking a bit of lustre the morning after a night of cocktails or tequila shots if I'm being really bad. 

Overall, both are lovely, but I do have a slight feeling that they are almost exactly the same, and to be honest I'd like a more intensive night cream. I'm also peeved that I picked up the day cream without SPF, but next time I will be sure to actually check the box before I buy it. I've noticed a slight difference in my skin as its definitely more hydrated and seems to stay hydrated throughout the day, but nothing too drastic as yet. Saying that, I have only been using these for about a week now so I'll probably have to wait a little longer to see if they have any long term benefits for my skin.

How many of you have used these products? What is your take on anti-ageing skincare?

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Newbies #2

I picked up the Botanics Soothing Eye Make Up Remover the other night on my way to stay at Lewis's house after I realized I was wearing waterproof mascara and had brought nothing with me to take it off. It 's one of those two phase make up removers that I have a love-hate relationship with. The oil phase is supposed to 'effectively sweep away impurities and make up' whilst the aqueous phase 'soothes the area and conditions lashes'. It all sounds pretty promising, and Botanics is one of those brands that I really trust; I've used numerous products of theirs and they always give good results. It also contains brightening hibiscus, which for someone with dark under eye circles, is a nice concept, and I'd certainly like to put it to the test!

I also recently purchased the Benefit Hoola Bronzer after seeing Twitter going a little wild for it (#howdoyouhoola in case you all missed it)! I haven't used this product in yonks, and just seeing it in my make up bag takes me back to high school when everyone was obsessed with Benefit! I love how natural and pretty this bronzer is, although if you like to be really dark this might be too subtle for you. I'm also a huge sucker for the ultra cute packaging, and the fact it comes shimmer free; perfect for contouring! I can't say I'm a huge fan of the brush though, so I just use my own, which is the Real Techniques Blush Brush FYI ;).

Last but not least, being a winged eye liner gal, I feel as though I'm forever purchasing different liquid eyeliners, gel eye liners, and of course eye liner pens just to try to perfect my technique that little bit more. I'm sort of gutted to say it is still very much a work in progress and despite years of practice there are still times when I have to redo my make up three times just to get my eye liner perfect. So, L'oreal's Super Liner Perfect Slim is making what is normally a tedious task that little bit easier for me. The tip is so fine that I can gradually fill in my eye liner rather than the usual deep breath before diving straight in! The colour Intense Black is also super black and really makes my eyes pop, and I don't feel as though the pen tip drags or pulls on my skin. So far so good!

So those are my newbies of the month? Have you guys been trying anything new, or have you used any of these products?


Thursday, 5 June 2014

Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment.

I thought I'd introduce you guys to a little product that I have been using almost religiously ever since I bought it two weeks ago. I'm surprised I hadn't heard of this until recently as its supposedly a real cult product in the beauty blogging world. I actually only saw this a couple of weeks ago on the beautiful Zoella's recent favorites video, and I was immediately intrigued. Like me Zoella seems to suffer from dehydrated under eye skin and dark circles, and since she loved this so much I thought I would give it a try. 

As someone with dark circles I've grown slightly tedious of the many products that claim to 'reduce the appearance of under eye circles' or 'brighten' the area. While some of them worked for me initially they were either too pricey or didn't work well enough for me to continue spending my money on them. I do have a few budget eye creams, which I continue to use every day; and they are great for the price, but every now and then I feel like I need to indulge in something a little more pricey, especially when it comes to skincare. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body and you will only ever have one set of skin, so you might as well look after it! 

Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment contains avocado oil, which I do believe gives the treatment it's gorgeous creamy texture; and (in case you were wondering) is what makes it green in colour. I've used actual avocado as a face mask before so I know how refreshing it can be, which is definitely the case with this eye treatment. I just had to tap the tiniest amount around my under eye area, and let me tell you, a little certainly goes along way with this product. Because of how thick and creamy it is I prefer to use this as a night treatment as it really does take a while to sink into the skin, but once it does it leaves my under eye skin gloriously smooth and hydrated. Despite having only been using this for a short period of time signs of improvement are already beginning to show. For one, my concealer doesn't crease half as much as it used to and I can now wear lighter coverage brightening products instead of the heavy duty concealers I had opted for before. 

I'd also like to mention that unlike the other beauty counters, which at times can be intimidating and scary places to go on your own, the Kiehls staff where all so lovely and really seemed as though they actually wanted to help me! The lady even asked me if I wanted to sit  down for a consultation, but as I was working I didn't have enough time so she gave me a couple of samples before I even purchased anything. She was so knowledgeable about the products and the Kiehls brand. It was a genuinely lovely experience and if anyone is looking for some high quality skin care or a skin consultation I'd highly recommend a visit! 

To summarize, this cream is amazing if you want smoother, hydrated under eye skin, and need a little help minimizing those dark circles. I've been really impressed by this product, and by Kiehls in general, and although this is a little pricey (around the £23 mark I think) you only need a very small amount so it is most likely going to last you a long time. 

Have any of you ever used Kiehls products? What are your thoughts on them, and did they work? 

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

MUA Luxe Matte Velvet Lip Laquers.

It just so happens that I absolutely adore MUA, and who wouldn't? Super affordable products which are actually really good most of the time. The one thing about MUA though is that when something is in high demand it can be almost impossible to get your hands on (remember the Pro-brow Kit anyone?!). In the two Superdrug's nearest to where I live the MUA stands are nearly always empty, and its such a pity as I want to try everything at least once, but it's probably quite good for my bank balance. 

You may remember a little while ago that I posted a little MUA haul, and in it where these two lovely little lip products. The truth is I had been waiting ages to get my hands on them, and every time I checked Superdrug they were always sold out! So, obviously I was the happiest person in the world when I finally got my hands on them. Low and behold I haven't actually used these as much as I initially thought I would as they are a little high maintenance for me. 

So lets start with the review shall we; the MUA Luxe Velvet Matte Lip Laquers at first glance are a cross between a lip gloss and a matte lipstick, or perhaps just a matte lip gloss? I'm not entirely sure, perhaps I'm just not very good at the technical terms. I've always been a huge fan of Rimmel Apocalips ever since they were released so when these came out I automatically assumed they would be extremely similar. However, unlike the Apocalips which are easy to use and creamy in consistency; the Velvet Matte product has a strange drying or even crumbling sensation when you apply them to your lips! You really do need to take care when applying these as they are not the easiest thing in the world to apply. They also go onto your teeth quite easily, which is definitely not an attractive look. 

Once perfected, they do look really nice, and the colours Reckless, and Kooky which are the two I purchased are extremely edgy and different from any other colours I have ever worn on my lips. At £3 they are not bad, and the black and gold with frosted glass packaging is so luxurious that they are worth having just to decorate your dresser, but I'm not entirely convinced about the product itself. They just don't wear very well. After just an hour I found that they flaked off my lips or would not hold up against eating or drinking, not to mention kissing (should you be so lucky;)). Obviously, because the colours are so bold and strong I would wear these for a night out rather than for every day wear, but as they don't last long on the lips this is a bit of a problem. 

If you are someone who can be bothered to reapply lipstick all night (or day) then by all means go ahead and try these, but I don't think I like these much. I'm so disappointed as I generally love MUA products, but I'm afraid these just don't hold up against other similar products. I will keep holding out hope that these will eventually work for me or that I will get used to them, but for now I'm not overly impressed. 

Have any of you tried these? Did you have any of the same issues as myself? 
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