Friday, 23 May 2014

Are you a Sample Saavy?

Hello everyone, so it would seem that in the very short while I have been blogging I have accumulated a ridiculous amount of samples. Some are from sets, others as part of a 'gift with purchase', but one thing is for sure I never seem to get rid of them. Although most bloggers would think of sample sizes as a good way to try out products I actually like to stick to the same things in my routine and quite often dismiss samples as being a completely inefficient way to really test out a product. Its only recently I've actually been using them, but obviously every now and then I come across things I know for sure I will never use. I thought it would be interesting to create a little list of different things you can do with these little samples. 

1. Use them to test out a product you want to buy. This is easier said than done of course. You see that little L'occitane Cream Divine sample in the photograph there? Well I absolutely love this cream and was so looking forward to buying it, until I realized how much it was and almost had a heart attack. But because I love this product so much I actually would consider spending that amount of money on a cream. So as much as it pains me that I can't afford this right now there is a possibility that in the future it will be mine! 

2. Make up little goodybags and sell them on Depop or Ebay. The amount of samples I see floating about for sale on Depop makes me wonder why I haven't yet tried it. So give other people the opportunity to use the samples you don't want and make some cash in the process. 

3. Probably the most common ever; take them on holiday! If you are lucky enough to be going away on holiday its probably likely you've saved a lot of hard earned cash to get away in the first place. You're probably not going to want to spend a small fortune on toiletries as well. I usually stash away small samples that I know will come in handy when I want to go on holiday. 

4. Host a giveaway. If you have accumulated a few small samples that you are certain you will never use then why not host a giveaway? That way you can gain followers and traffic to your blog. Admittedly the prize may be small, but everyone loves freebies right?

5. Swapsies. Yup, you've guessed it! I've just recently started trading my friends and other bloggers for cosmetics and products. Its actually a really good way to network and meet other bloggers, and of course everyone knows most beauty bloggers have like a million products stowed away that simply don't work for them. 

So I really hope you all liked this or found it a little useful. If you like the look of any products from the photograph they are all listed below.



  1. Anonymous23 May, 2014

    Great tips although I tried only one ;) I took a lot of the samples I have on my holiday.

    1. That's what most of us do I guess :) xxxxx

  2. That's some seriously expensive cream!
    I also have hundreds and hundreds of samples, some are fairly decently sized as well.
    I love the idea of swapping with others.
    | | Dreams Of New York | |

    1. It is but I think I've fallen in love with it :( haha me too need to sort through them all and decide what to keep ect ! Xxxxxx

  3. These are great ideas! I take mine on vacation or give them to my sister!


  4. How do you accumulate your samples, so many products I want to try but getting a sample before I fork out money seems to be the logical thing to do..

    Chloe xx


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