Saturday, 31 May 2014

May Empties.

It seems I've used up a hugeeeee amount of products this month some of which happen to be my favorites. I've been using a lot of my old favorites this month some of which I am forever repurchasing (like my beloved Collection concealer), and others that are limited edition and I probably won't be able to get again for a long long time (like my Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Shower Gel). I'm actually pretty sad that I'm going to have to spend my pennies buying this all over again! 

The No7 Protect and Perfect Intense Night Cream is probably my most repurchased night cream of all time, and there is a very good reason for this. Unlike most night creams it doesn't have a strong smell, and it doesn't break me out. It's also pretty thin in consistency, and sinks straight into the skin unlike other heavier creams which can leave my face horribly sticky. I love that it has anti ageing properties as I'm now in my twenties and according to most dermatologists your skin is 'mature' by the time you reach 25, so I definitely want to try and look after my skin as much as I can before then! Speaking of skin, if you are a regular reader you will have seen the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer about a million times, but I honestly swear by this. No matter how many times I try to wean myself off this and despite having tried just about every high end AND drugstore concealer there is this is the one that I will always go back to. Another product, which I'm prone to a repurchase of is the Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer, which is probably one of the better drugstore bronzer's out there, and smells delicious. I do have a few high end powder bronzer's, but this is probably the one I use most! Such a cheap and cheerful product, and I love the novelty of the chocolate scent. 

I've also used up my favorite ever Body Shop scent, which is my Ginger Sparkle Shower Gel , which is only available at Christmas, and it sucks that I am going to have to wait that long to smell that amazing again. This is one of the best and longest lasting scents from The Body Shop and I literally stock up at Christmas time. Another product from the same brand is my Vitamin E Body Butter, which I have had for so long it is still in the older packaging. I recently discovered this again hidden away in my bathroom and decided to use it up. It's amazing if you have dry skin or sunburn, but like all body shop body butters its a little too sticky for my liking. I only really use this if my skin is in serious need of a drink. I'd love to be able to use it more, but I'm actually just too lazy!  My Raspberry Balmi Lipbalm, which is obviously the UK version of the EOS Lip Balm has been keeping my lips hydrated all through winter and I love that it smells EXACTLY like a French Martini! So sad I won't be smothering it on my lips any more, but I think I want to try a few new lip products before I go back to it!! 

Two products, which I discovered quite recently are the L'oreal Miss Manga Mascara, and Benefit's Gimme Brow, which currently has 10% off at House of Fraser FYI! The mascara is amazing for adding lots of volume and making your lashes look fluttery and gorgeous. I'm lucky to be blessed with such long eyelashes, but I still like to enhance them as much as I can! The brush is also a good shape and goes from small to large, so you can use the small end for bottom lashes, which are normally quite hard to get! Its super black and really makes my eyes pop. Such a brilliant product! Gimme Brow is an amazing brow gel with a super teeny brush that really seems to grip and coat every single hair. It can be used over a powder or alone for the more natural look, which is normally how I use it. I'm a bit gutted that this doesn't last very long, but I will definitely purchase this again as I've never used a brow gel quite like it. 

Moving onto hair care; my regular readers will know that I'm not really a huge fan of dry shampoo. It leaves my hair feeling dry and powdery, and that white cloud that makes you look as though you have grey hair? No Thank you. However, on the odd occasion, for example, when I go to the gym on my lunch break or wake up late for work I do have to rely on the stuff. I know that everyones favorite is Batiste, but that just doesn't work for me. I'm sorry but I just don't like it. I found that the Boots Dry Shampoo in Paradise Island actually works much better at absorbing excess oil and unlike Batiste it doesn't leave my hair with a white powdery look. Well done Boots! I also have a miniature Trevor Sorbie Beautifully Straightened Heat Protection Spray, which I think may have been out of a set I got for Christmas. Overall, I like it, but how can you not like a heat protection spray? If it does the job then I like it. 

So, that's everything I have used up this month? Have any of you ever tried these products? What did you think??

Thursday, 29 May 2014

L'oreal Lumi Magique Primer.

A couple of days ago you may remember I did a little post called Make Up Bag Newbies and in it I mentioned that I'd bought this little primer. So, obviously I wanted to come back and review it for you guys, and after almost a week of testing I'm ready to give you my thoughts. 

The L'oreal Lumi Magique Primer  first attracted me due to its gorgeous sleek packaging! If ever there was a prettier bottle for a primer then this is it! I'm such a sucker for something that looks girly and expensive and those are two words which definitely apply to this product. The rose gold and pearly white just look so pretty together. So now that I have that out of my system lets move onto the actual product. The product description states: 'L'oreal Lumi Magique Primer provides a light enriching base which illuminates the skin.' I do have to say that I agree with this and it did seem to give my cheekbones and forehead a lovely luminous glow, which isn't normally possible for my dehydrated (yet ridiculously oily in parts) skin. I've tried other primers, which claimed to do similar things such as the Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer, which although not disastrous was ever so slightly disappointing, and didn't give my skin anywhere near as much luminosity as I wanted. This one, however, is of a much thicker consistency and seems to really smooth out imperfections and sinks into the skin rather than sliding around on the face. I think it looks lovely and subtle under matte foundations for a natural dewy finish, and it hasn't made me break out yet, which is always a good sign!I also like the fact that it is travel friendly and comes with a pump, which is nice and hygienic for those clean freaks out there. 

My only problem with this is that there isn't much product. For around ten pounds you only get 20ml, which isn't very much at all, and if you plan on using this every day it won't last very long. However, you are still saving money as some of the higher end primers come in at around the £30 mark. I'd also say that this primer doesn't prevent you from becoming oily so you should use a powder or a setting spray along with it in order to prevent your whole face sliding towards your chin (it happens!). Since the primer doesn't claim to mattify or prolong make up wear I think this is a sin I can quite happily forgive. This is probably best suited to dry or dull skin or even mixed in with a matte foundation to create a perfect base. I did try using this as a highlighter along my brow bone, but I think the consistency was a little too thick, and it didn't last all that long. This one is definitely meant to be used as a 'primer'.

Overall, this is a lovely product with beautiful travel friendly packaging, and a lovely result. I'd say that the quality of this is up there with some of the more expensive radiance boosting primers, so I'm really quite impressed; can't wait to take this on holiday with me! I don't own many L'oreal face products so its been great to try something, and this definitely won't be the last! 

Have any of you ever tried this primer? What were you thoughts?


Tuesday, 27 May 2014

May Favourites.

Oh is it that time again? Yep, apparently another month has flew by, and we're now approaching June at a rapid pace, and it just so happens I have a couple of favorite products to show everyone. 

Well seeing as its coming into summer very soon I've found some of my products in this current favorites list are suited to the upcoming change of season and (hopefully) weather! We don't get to see all that much sun in Scotland, but when we do I try to protect my face as much as possible by using a suitable SPF. The one I have been enjoying on the two days we actually got sunshine this month is the L'oreal Solar Expertise Matte Fluid Protection SPF 20, which has active anti-wrinkle ingredients, as well as helping to prevent dark spots. I'm a huge fan of wearing a good facial SPF as although I tan easily, and that's great and all, the fine lines that come with it are not so appealing. I think its good that this one protects against both UVA and UVB rays and is a matte formula as I know how minging it can feel putting greasy sun tan lotion on your face! Because I have no desire to get a suntan on my face I have been bronzing it up with my favorite bronzer of late Bourjous Bronzing Primer. Before you all ask, yes, I know this is supposed to be a primer, but it makes an amazing matte bronzer too! If you want to know more about this you can see my full review here

To be honest I am quite fussy when it comes to perfumes, and I get bored of scents really easily, so I'm quite surprised that my old Vera Wang Lovestruck Floral Rush perfume has made it to my favorites. I pulled this out of my HUGEEEE perfume stash a few weeks ago and decided it was suitably fresh for spring and summer, and now it seems to have become my scent of the month and possibly the season. I will not lie and pretend to know anything about top notes, base notes ect, but I can tell you its incredibly floral and fresh; it kind of smells exactly like a perfume should smell. I can't say I'm a big fan of the extravagant bottle though as its just a nuisance should you want to pop this lovely in your bag. Next on my list is something you will all know I have been loving due to my recommendations via social media and I simply can't get enough of it. To say that the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + has changed my skin is an understatement. I've always suffered from acne scarring and major breakouts, but I don't think I've had so much as a pimple this month and I do believe it is all down to this little gem. It seems to control oil and refine pores like nothing I've ever tried before (including the expensive high end stuff too) and every day I can see the horrible acne scars on my chin fading a little more. I'm so impressed! Thank you for bringing this into my life! Its worth mentioning that Escentual currently has 15% off this little beauty, and I do plan on stocking up. Also you can see my full review of it here.

Last but not least are two bathtime/bedtime type products the first of which is obviously a face mask. I don't believe I've ever done a favorites without a face mask in it I'm so obsessed! This one is the Quick Fix Anti-Blemish Mud for Oily and Spot Prone Skin, and its fabulous. Its not as messy as most mud based masks, and it really leaves my skin feeling gloriously clean and fresh. I can't tell whether or not its making an improvement to my skin on a long term basis as I've only used it a couple of times, but I love the instant effects. Its perfect for use before a big night out to keep your skin looking fab. Last but not least is the Avon Planet Spa Camomile & Lavender Pillow Mist, which I have been using loads recently. If you know me well you will no doubt know how much I love my precious naps, but as I've been extremely busy these days with exams/work ect I've not been able to relax all that easily. I spray this over my bed before I hop in and I'm not sure whether it does really help me relax or if its more of a placebo effect, but I love using it nonetheless, and it smells lovely. 

Well that's it folks, please let me know in the comments if you have used any of these products before and what you think of them.


Saturday, 24 May 2014

Make Up Bag Newbies!

Happy Saturday everyone, I hope you are all out enjoying yourself instead of sitting in like me haha; working fulltime hours seems to have gotten the better of me this week! Just wanted to share a few things I have bought this week with you all! :)

The Rimmel Scandal Eyes Rockin Curves Mascara was bought earlier in the week on a whim when I discovered that I had like zero mascara left while i wass getting ready for work the other morning. Obviously I had to avoid a total disaster so I happened to run into a small Boots branch before I started my shift. I've actually used this already (well obviously due to my emergency) and so far I quite like it! Its not my favourite mascara in the world, but what I like about it is that it gives my lashes lots of extra volume without weighing them down! The formula is quite wet and very black and the shape of the brush allows you to reach all the little corner lashes you can sometimes miss. Next up is a lovely new MUA Lipstick in Shade 2 which I also bought in a bit of a rush as I was going out for dinner with Lewis one night after work and realized I'd forgotten to pop a nice lippy in my bag (Shock horror!). Its a lovely cross between a muted pink and a berry shade, and even though I normally hate shimmer its so very subtle in this. I like the fact it could be worn on a night out as well as an every day lipstick (I'm currently wearing it to work) and in this sense its extremely versatile. Also for just £1 the formula of these is really long lasting and doesn't dry out the lips whatsoever. I think I will be picking up loads more on payday! The last newbie make up item I bought this week was the L'oreal Lumi Magique Primer which I have been meaning to buy in forever. I haven't had a chance to try this yet but on my hand it looks lovely! It's quite thick and creamy and very pearly so I can only assume its meant to be a radiance boosting primer! I love products like these as sometimes my skin can look really dull and drab so hopefully this will perk it up. I'm also planning on using this as a cream highlighter though so hopefully it will work just as well for that purpose:).

Have any of you used these products before? What did you think of them?

Friday, 23 May 2014

Are you a Sample Saavy?

Hello everyone, so it would seem that in the very short while I have been blogging I have accumulated a ridiculous amount of samples. Some are from sets, others as part of a 'gift with purchase', but one thing is for sure I never seem to get rid of them. Although most bloggers would think of sample sizes as a good way to try out products I actually like to stick to the same things in my routine and quite often dismiss samples as being a completely inefficient way to really test out a product. Its only recently I've actually been using them, but obviously every now and then I come across things I know for sure I will never use. I thought it would be interesting to create a little list of different things you can do with these little samples. 

1. Use them to test out a product you want to buy. This is easier said than done of course. You see that little L'occitane Cream Divine sample in the photograph there? Well I absolutely love this cream and was so looking forward to buying it, until I realized how much it was and almost had a heart attack. But because I love this product so much I actually would consider spending that amount of money on a cream. So as much as it pains me that I can't afford this right now there is a possibility that in the future it will be mine! 

2. Make up little goodybags and sell them on Depop or Ebay. The amount of samples I see floating about for sale on Depop makes me wonder why I haven't yet tried it. So give other people the opportunity to use the samples you don't want and make some cash in the process. 

3. Probably the most common ever; take them on holiday! If you are lucky enough to be going away on holiday its probably likely you've saved a lot of hard earned cash to get away in the first place. You're probably not going to want to spend a small fortune on toiletries as well. I usually stash away small samples that I know will come in handy when I want to go on holiday. 

4. Host a giveaway. If you have accumulated a few small samples that you are certain you will never use then why not host a giveaway? That way you can gain followers and traffic to your blog. Admittedly the prize may be small, but everyone loves freebies right?

5. Swapsies. Yup, you've guessed it! I've just recently started trading my friends and other bloggers for cosmetics and products. Its actually a really good way to network and meet other bloggers, and of course everyone knows most beauty bloggers have like a million products stowed away that simply don't work for them. 

So I really hope you all liked this or found it a little useful. If you like the look of any products from the photograph they are all listed below.


Sunday, 18 May 2014

Growing Up and Being Happy.

This might seem a little out of the blue for those of you that are used to reading about my latest foundation purchase, but every now and then I like to strip things back a little, and get some of my thoughts on certain topics out there. 

 For a while now I've been constantly thinking about getting older and what I want to do with my life, and since almost everyone I know isn't currently where they had imagined they would be I've become a little disheartened. This has happened to me a few times recently when I've been telling people about my blog and they have responded with: 'So why do you blog? What is the point?'. The point is I enjoy blogging because it makes me happy, it's something that I work hard at, and the fact I don't get paid for it doesn't bother me in the slightest. So, back to what I just said, it's starting to seem like everyone around me is getting married, and having babies, and buying houses, and it just all seems way over my head right now. When did everyone grow up? Did I miss the memo?! Sometimes it feels like everyone went straight from high school to full blown adult, and it scares me a little. But, yet I know that I'm not the same person I used to be. The crazy nights out are no longer a regular occurrence in my life. Partying doesn't make sense to me the way it used to, and neither does staying out till 6am fill a vacancy in my life like a meaningful job or a boyfriend. I now realize that they are something most people have to get through in life in order to work out where they want to go.

I might not be quite ready to become a proper adult with 'responsibilities', but I feel as though I'm starting to get there. I'm still young, and I'd like to carry on acting like it for a few years yet. If you don't make mistakes in your twenties; when are you going to make them after all. You have your whole life to realize your dreams may or may not come true, and that that amazing job you wanted maybe isn't so amazing, but right now I'd like to just have as much fun as possible before I really have to deal with the real world. There is seriously no point in trying to act older than you feel, and sometimes I still feel nineteen! Don't get me wrong I doubt I'll ever get the urge to stay out until 6am or call up girls from my Zumba class, because they are the only people who want to go out drinking on a Monday night. No, I think its more important to have a small group of girlfriends who will just hang out with you when your bored. I think its more important to go out because you want to and not because it will distract you from reality for a little while, and let you get lost before you have to decide what you actually want to spend your life doing. I think it helps to have goals and dreams, but not to the point were you live a totally delusional lifestyle. 

So, where does the happy part come in? I do truly believe that in order to be happy you have to go at your own pace. Comparing yourself to other people and the things they have is only going to make you miserable. Be happy for your friends when they get married/pregnant/a promotion, but remember that you don't have to be in the exact same place as them at the same time. While they may be ready to do these things there is really no rush and the more pressure you put on yourself the more disappointed you are going to be when things go wrong, and I can almost guarantee that not every detail in our lives will go to plan. You have to just accept the fact that life is full of surprises and they won't always be the good kind. However, when things do go your way just remember not to brag. Smug, I-have-an-amazing-company-car-look-how-successful-I-am Instagram pictures are distasteful, and basically designed to make others feel jealous of you and your so called perfect life, and less secure about their own. Always remember you are no better (and no worse) than anyone else, and be grateful for what you have in life no matter how it turns out. Not everyone who is deserving will be rewarded, and not everyone rewarded will be deserving, but I'm afraid that's just how life goes, and that most of us really do have to start from the bottom. 

Did this post make sense to any of you guys? Do any of you ever feel like this?

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Thursday, 15 May 2014

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo: My Experience

Okay so in case you didn't know there is a huge amount of blogger hype surrounding this little moisturizer. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo is marketed as an anti blemish cream, which sounds quite impressive right?! A moisturizer that gets rid of spots sounds pretty ideal for most people; no need to change up your normal skin care routine, or invest in expensive gels that dry up your skin, or refuse to use any sort of product on your face at all in the hope that those nasty looking pimples will go away all by themselves. 

Yes it does claim to be a wonder product of sorts and the claim that won me over was that this little gem 'fights against marks'. For those of you who didn't know I have A LOT of acne scarring around my chin and jawline, which makes make up free days super self-conscious and embarrassing for me. I sort of feel as though, at my age, spots and acne should no longer be a regular occurrence. I mean, I always thought that as soon as I turned 20 the teenage skin problems would go away. No such luck unfortunately, and I've had the most hormonal, blemish prone skin ever since I can remember. This product, therefore, seems to be a savior for skin like mine, boasting that it is 'proven to fight the appearance of blemishes, unclogs blocked pores, controls the appearance of shine' ect ect ect.

So onto the product. Worth the hype? To an extent yes. I think it is an amazing moisturizer for spotty skin, as it seems to soothe and cool spots rather than flare them up. I'm also yet to have any breakouts whilst I've been using this, and it is amazing for controlling oil. I feel that when I pop it on it seems to mattify and refine the skin texture, and I suppose it does make my acne scars and ugly spots less noticeable. Its also makes an amazing base on which to apply make up. However, a few things. I can't understand whether this is supposed to be used in place of a normal moisturizer, as a serum before moisturizer, or after moisturizer? I have been using it as a normal moisturizer, but it really bugs me that it doesn't contain SPF! Especially with summer coming up! Has it made the appearance of my acne scars less noticeable? I'm not too sure tbh, but then I don't think I ever really believed that claim in the first place.

Overall, this is pretty groundbreaking stuff, and I've never found a moisturizer that soothes and calms down the redness of my spots as much as this one. The packaging ticks all the boxes as its definitely travel friendly and easy to store away; unlike some expensive moisturizers that put a teeny weeny dollop of cream in a huge tub. (I know what you are trying to do, and at first I really did believe that I was getting a huge tub of moisturizer). I'd say this is good if you are someone who suffers from spots, but if not I don't really know if it would be all that beneficial for you! 

Does anyone else suffer badly from breakouts? What is your favourite skincare? Have you ever used the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo?

Sunday, 11 May 2014

MUA Haulin!

Last week I popped into Shawlands to get my prescription from the doctors and ended up coming home with these lovely goodies! Oh MUA why you so darn cheap? The good news is that all the make up in Superdrug was on a 3 for 2 offer, and I also got a cheeky student discount with my NUS card, so all of this only came to about 800 pennies. Bargainous! 

The first thing I picked up was the lovely Undressed Eyeshadow Palette, which is apparently an amazing dupe for Naked 3! I don't own any of the Naked palettes, but I have another Urban Decay palette, which is amazing and super pigmented, so if the eye shadows are even close to the quality of that I'll be a happy bunny! The girls in my work swear by this palette, and they were actually quite surprised that, as a beauty blogger, I didn't already own it! (Oops!) I've also had my heart set on the Matte Velvet Lip Laquers ever since they came out, but I can never find them in stock! Apparently it was my lucky day and they had loads so I bought two; one in Kooky, and one in Reckless

That was supposed to be it, but I decided to pick up a Bronzer in shade 2, and obviously that meant I had to buy another two products to qualify for another 3 for 2. I popped a Blusher in the shade Cupcake into my basket, which is a lovely peachy pink, but slightly more muted than what I would normally go for. To complete the haul I settled on a Nail Varnish in Pistachio Ice Cream, only to discover later that I already have the exact same shade in one of Barry M's offerings. (Oops again!) 

So far I've tried the nail varnish and bronzer out and although I don't love the nail varnish it isn't bad for a quid. The bronzer is surprisingly pigmented, and contains no glitter or shimmer, which for me is a good thing. I think it might be just a little too dark for my skin tone though. I haven't tried out the palette or the lip laquers yet, so you might want to look out for a review in the near future :)

What do you lot think of MUA? Yay or nay? 

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

New Cleansing Duo

 I've been mixing things up recently with my skincare (that's about as exciting as my life gets atm), and trying desperately to find the products that work best for my skin in order to create a good solid skincare routine. I'd wanted to try a cleansing oil in forever so a few weeks ago I went in and purchased these two little beauty's from The Body Shop. Now before I start telling you all about them I'd like to say that I've completely fallen in love with the Silky Cleansing Oil, but the Camomile Gentle Eye Make up Remover just isn't doing it for me at all! I'm so gutted about this!

So, lets start with the disappointing one. The thing is, its not a particularly bad product, its just that its exactly the same as most of the eye make up removers you can buy in Superdrug for a quarter of the price. And its definitely not gentle. I had to scrub for ages to remove all my eye make up and even then, there was still a little mascara left over on my lashes. To be honest, I want an eye make up remover to remove my make up without all that effort. Not only is all that scrubbing going to give me wrinkles, but I'm also a bit too lazy and like removing make up to be as effortless as possible...because I'm always too darn tired to sit and spend ages getting my eye make up off and I'd really just like to hop straight into bed! The other thing I disliked about this was the smell. I don't know whether that is the camomille, but the oil doesn't smell like that so it can't be!? I mean I could be wrong, but this kind of smells like whiskey?! Which is obviously going to make your skin smell amazing...NOT.

The Silky Cleansing Oil on the other hand is a definite thumbs up! I love this stuff so much! I thought it might leave my combination/spot prone skin a lil greasy or make me break out, but that is not the case. This makes my face feel unbelievably clean, and unlike the eye make up remover it dissolves all my make up in a matter of seconds! I feel like I'm left with bright, fresh looking skin after I use this and there is definitely no foundation residue on my pillow the next day. I normally use this in the evening as a more luxurious way of taking my make up off, but its a bit too fussy for me in the morning as I just like to jump out of bed and onto the train to work/uni/wherever. It also smells quite pleasant, which is strange, because the other one smells so bad. Its probably a little pricey at the ten pounds mark, but I would say its worth it, and I'm happy to pay a little bit more for good quality skincare that actually works. 

Have any of you ever used these two products? What did you think?

Saturday, 3 May 2014

News! And a Teeny Haul!

Hello everyone, blimey its been ages since I last posted! I've been so stressed out with uni work its ridiculous, but here I am finally sitting at my laptop and able to get a blog post up! (On a Saturday night might I add, I really do love you guys!) 

Firstly I wanted to share my first ever guest post that I wrote for a Sal over on Novarellie ! I did a simple little spring face edit, but I loved working with another blogger, and I'm so pleased to say that I have now ticked guest posting off of my bucket list! I'd actually be interested in having someone else guest post for me if anyone is interested? Anyways, you can read my spring post over on Sal's blog here!

Secondly, I have been meaning to do a little blog sale to get rid of some bits and bobs I have had lying around, but in the process I actually discovered this cool little App called DePop, which allows you to sell things simply by taking a picture of it! It's great because unlike eBay you can have buyers gift money to your Paypal as friends or family so you don't get charged those hefty fees! If your interested in make up/perfume/barely worn Topshop clothes then I suggest you give me a follow on my account : lis00045!

Lastly, I have a small Boots haul to share with you guys (as if you hadn't guessed from the picture). I popped in the other day to get the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo mainly because my skin is suffering from horrible under the skin spots, and I've heard great things about this! I have a lot of acne scarring and redness so I'm really hoping this will help to reduce the appearance of that too. I also bought a miniature Smashbox Photoready Primer in Colour Correct to help take away some of the redness before I apply my foundation. I've used the original version of this primer before and I loved it! Another spot fighting product was popped into my basket in the form of the Quick Fix Facials Anti Blemish Mud. As you are all probably well aware by now I am completely and utterly addicted to face masks, and this one was only £3 so of course I had to buy it! 

I also bought the Indeed Labs Skin Sampler Kit. Call me a bad beauty blogger, but I've actually never used serums before! I have saw some of the products from the Indeed range featured on so many blogs recently so thought I'd play it safe with this sample pack! So far I'm enjoying testing them, but you really don't get all that much product in them :(. I also picked up the new Garnier Ultimate Blends Sleek Restorer Shampoo and Conditioner, which I haven't tried yet, but am really to excited to (what a gripping life I do lead)! In case you didn't know I'm always on the lookout for paraben free shampoo, as it washes your hair without stripping it of natural oils, which obviously leads to healthier, longer, and thicker hair, right?! Who knows I may even try my newly found reverse wash technique with these two! 

That is everything I bought from Boots this week! Let me know what you think in the comments!
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