Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Trying to do Spring Make Up with MUA.

I hope that everyone is as happy to see the sunshine as I am!! Although living in Glasgow its actually such a blessing just to have a dry day since I can't quite remember the last time the rain stayed away for a whole day! But, if the weather has changed it means also that the make up must be updated, and admittedly spring make up is just not my thing. I love full coverage bases, statement lips and bold brows. Natural/minimal make up just doesn't work for me. But then again maybe its just me that doesn't feel comfortable replacing my beloved full coverage foundation with a BB cream. If there's anything that I do like about spring make up it is definitely the radiant skin and natural lip element. So, obviously I was slightly naughty and bought a few MUA bits to trial the look. 

Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter: I've actually never used a powder highlighter before, in fact I'm not sure if I've even ever used a highlighter, but I've seen this one featured on a few blogs so obviously I wanted to give it a try. It's quite a pale pink with a slight peachy tone to it, and quite a lot of shimmer. I will warn you that you should use this sparingly or you WILL get a glittery face. But a little of this on the cheekbones and forehead gave my skin a lovely glow. I'm just not sure that the colour is right for my skin tone, but I can't really complain about this as its dirt cheap and you get loads of product. It's definitely made me more open to using a highlighter, and I'd love to try a more high end one!

Intense Kisses Lipgloss: Lipgloss is one of those products I just automatically associate with being 13 years old. Lip gloss was probably the first make up I ever used, and back then it was horribly sticky and came in a little squeezy tube which meant too much product would always come out . This one from MUA is worlds away from the tacky formula of those. It's quite wet but doesn't at all feel sticky and leaves just a nice natural amount of colour on the lips. It also lasted quite a bit longer than I expected it to, but I did have to top it up every so often. Its strange to be using something that I automatically assumed I'd grown out of, and its worth a mention that the packaging of this is really cute!  Also FYI the colour Quick Kiss is not as bright as it looks from my photo. Its actually pretty natural. 

What are you guys ideas of spring make up? Is it something you love or loathe? 


  1. Great post! I'm personally a huge Spring makeup fan, as I love minimal makeup with glowing, dewy skin! It's so awesome to hear everyone's different thoughts on the matter though. One of my favorite things about reading different blogs is seeing everyone's makeup preferences and opinions.

    Morgan // www.blushingwit.com

    1. Yeah it definitely is a matter of preference! I'm probably a little too high maintenence for spring make up hahaha! :)


  2. I have been embracing the rare good weather too! And I personally love the fresh faced look that's on trend in spring, and I'm dying to try that highlighter from MUA!

    Yige || Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. Yeah I love the look on other people I just don't have the skin for it:( xxxxx


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