Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Botanics Charcoal Mask and Cleansing Balm.

Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm : I've basically been on the look out for a good drugstore cleansing balm ever since my AMAZING, but ever so pricey Emma Hardie one ran out! I'm such a hugeeeee fan of cleansing balms as they are a much more luxurious way of taking your make up off, and leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated. This one is a little harder to work with as its more solid than the EH one, but once you rub it on your face its basically the same idea. I like the fact that this is organic, along with the fact it comes with the little cloth (I feel as though I say this all the time, why am I obsessed with muslin cloths)?! It's very mild, and didn't irritate my skin nor did it leave it feeling greasy, and I've also heard that rosehip is good for fading acne scars, which is definitely one of my biggest skin problems! I don't really have anything bad to say about this as its an amazing, affordable luxury product. The scent is almost as good as the EH one (almost)! Thoroughly impressed, although I will probably purchase the EH one again over this when I have the money. I'm interested to see if this will make any long term impact on my skin.

Ionic Clay Mask : I love face masks to the point where I probably use them far too much. I feel as though every time I go shopping I need to buy a new one. There are pamper sessions to be had and those spots won't go away by themselves, so of course it was inevitable that I would eventually purchase this one to stow away with the rest of my ever expanding collection. I think clay masks are great for oily skin as they really seem to absorb excess oil as well as draw out impurities, and I love anything that dries on your skin as its almost as though you can feel it lifting out the excess oils and impurities. Immediately after using this my skin looked brighter, the texture was more refined, and it felt more alive than usual. The information says: "The oceanic clay exhibits a negative electrical charge, which helps draw out deep-rooted impurities without over drying." Despite having no idea as to what the 'negative charge' part actually means this is a statement I one hundred percent agree with as although my skin felt extremely clean after using this it wasn't at all dry. I would like to point out that this is quite messy so I had to use a foundation brush and apply a tiny bit at a time. 

I think its amazing to see that budget brands are really stepping up their game when it comes to skin care, and I've found so many amazing dupes for bigger brands recently, and I really hope this continues!!

What do you think of the Boots Botanics range? have any of you ever tried these products? 


  1. Ooh I need to try that mask x


  2. That cleansing balm sounds perfect!x

    Lauren Evie

    1. I'd give it a try if you like the Emma Hardie one!! Or if you've never tried it and want something cheaper to test! :)

  3. The balm sounds great! How much was it? xo

    1. Think it was about 5 or 6 pounds but I had a trust old 'buy 2 products get £2 off Boots voucher:) xxxxxxx

  4. Dying to try these now!



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