Tuesday, 4 March 2014

One year with the boyfriend!

Good morning everyone! Not only is it wonderfully sunny which is highly unusual in Glasgow and probably won't last past 10am, not only is it a day for indulging in lots of yummy pancakes, but its also a whole year today since Lewis and I went on our first date. If you know me you know that I'm not very affectionate and I hate 'coupley' things, so me just posting about 'my boo' *cringeeeee* is a huge big deal, but as I'm getting more used to blogging and gaining more followers each day I am coming to be more at ease with sharing my personal life too.

To celebrate we are going back to the place we went last year, which is a little cocktail bar at the top of Princes Square called October, however if you live in Glasgow you may remember that this time last year it was actually called November. I have absolutely no clue as to whether its the same bar with a different name or if different people own it now, but I will have time to work that out later.

Our date this time last year is actually quite a funny story as it took him so long to ask me out, and by this time I was getting impatient! We had been friends for ages and I was starting to think he was never going to ask me out haha! We have definitely had some great times and a few not so great times, but mainly we spend our time laughing, making fun of each other, and bickering over silly little things like what time we should go to sleep at (no seriously).

All in all, I'm just looking forward to spending another year with this idiot, and we have a lot of 'firsts' to do this summer. In June we have our first wedding together (not ours hawhaw), and are looking to book a holiday abroad as well, which I am so excited about as we haven't been away anywhere together yet! I'm also hoping to pass my driving test in the (very) near future, and although it will be MY first car I'm very sure that Lewis will immediately employ me as his personal chauffeur; a role which I'm sure I'll be happy to fill in the early days, but not so much later.

So I hope everyone has a great pancake Tuesday and enjoys making some tasty treats; or buying them in a packet from Tesco if your anything like me and can't make pancakes for sh*t.

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