Thursday, 6 March 2014

241 Dining with Tastecard ft Prezzo

The other night Lewis and I went out to celebrate our one year anniversary, and because my bank had kindly sent me a three taste card(s) I thought that I would see what it was all about and set about finding out which restaurants were available. I logged onto the website - link - and had a look through the menus and decided on a fancy shmancy sounding Italian called Prezzo. If you live in Glasgow you will know that this restaurant is located in the posh little stretch of street known as St Vincents Place - a great location if you are pretending to be a celebrity for the night.

Because of my Tastecard membership we got 241 on all courses and saved around 15 pounds off the total bill and considering we each got a starter, main course, and alcoholic drink, £28 in total was a complete bargain. (If you are someone who eats out regularly I would strongly recommend you look into getting a Tastecard as its going to save you some serious dosh!)


Afterwards, we went to a cocktail bar in Princes Square called October, and since we skipped dessert I opted for a scrumptious chocolate martini! I have to say that i am a little disappointed the prices have went up since it changed its name as I didn't feel the cocktails were as good as before, but I guess that's life! (that's what people saaay!)

Are any of you guys members of Tastecard? Is there anyone else from Glasgow who has been to these places?

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