Friday, 28 February 2014

TMI & Procrastination Tag.

I was nominated for this tag  by the lovely Amy whose blog you can view here!
I thought this was a great Tag and fun to do as there's a lot of beauty questions mixed in with more general ones which will help you guys get to know me better:)
 1. Are you a very open or private person? 
I would say I'm quite private as I don't like sharing my personal business with anyone aside from a few close friends and my boyfriend, and even then I find it hard to tell them whats really going on haha!

2. If money was no object, where would you move to?
I'd love to live in Spain as I love the laid back lifestyle over there and the constant sunshine would probably be a bonus too.

3. Who was the last person to make you cry?
I honestly can't remember, but I more than likely cried as something on the TV. I get so emotional at TV programs, even reading the paper sets me off.

4. Is there a song that can bring you to tears instantly?
I don't know if there is I haven't heard it. I suppose it depends on where you are at in your life and whether or not the lyrics relate specifically to you or a bad situation that you have been through in your life.

5. Do you believe in soul mates?
Yeah, I suppose I do, but I don't think it necessarily has to be the person you fall in love with it could be just a friend.

6. What age to people usually mistake you for?
Hahahaha! I look really young and people usually think I'm about 18 when they first meet me.

7. What are you wearing?
I am currently wearing a Topshop dress and tights, waiting to go out and spend my hard-earned cash on some beauty goodies:D.

8. Have you ever been in love?

9. How tall are you?
5"2. (midget height)

10. How much do you weigh?
I have no idea haha! Probably about 8 stone.

11. Any piercings?
My ears, tragus, belly button, and cartilage. I used to have a really emotastic lip-piercing, but thankfully that's gone.

12. Favourite TV show?
Its got to be Keeping Up With The Kardshians ! I know its not the most intellectual show, but I adore the relationship their family have and find it so so so addictive. I'm also a huge Dexter fan.

13. Quality you look for in a partner?
Someone who is funny, and doesn't take themselves too seriously. I also think its important that they have ambition, are not afraid of hard work and really want to succeed in life. There is nothing worse than a man who just goes to the pub all the time with his mates.

14. Favourite quotation?
"Be too busy loving the people that love you, to hate the people that hate you." I think this is great because it just sums up the fact that no matter how many people are cruel or horrible to you there are others who love you for who you are, and you should spend more time thinking about them than people who don't even know you.
15. Fears?
At the ripe old age of 23 I admit that I am still terrified of the dark! I often have to sleep with my lamp on! If anyone knows how I can conquer this fear please please please get in touch and HELP MEEEE!

16. What is your daily beauty routine?
I always double cleanse, use a pure witch hazel toner (best thing for acne prone skin), and a daycream. After that I apply a primer and do my make up:)
19. When going out somewhere how long does it take you to get ready?
Anything from 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on where I'm going!

20. How organised is your makeup and nail polish collection?
Not very, I hardly ever paint my nails as I find it such a task! I shove them all in a wash bag and that's it tbh!

So thats the TMI tag done. I nominate;
Thank you for reading!:)

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  1. Awww thank you for nominating me! I may actually do it on my YouTube channel :)


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