Thursday, 6 February 2014

TiGi S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer.

If you have read my previous blog posts you will know that one of the things I struggle to maintain is my hair. After years of bleaching, wearing hair extensions and heat styling I found myself with extremely dry and brittle hair. As a result I struggle to keep it looking sleek and silky without the aid of hair straighteners and the wet and windy Scottish weather teamed with the fact I workout at the gym can make my hair prone to frizz.

The Smoothing Lusterizer is a sort of hair creme that can be used on wet or dry hair in order to tame frizz and give your hair a silky soft finish, and so far I am fairly impressed. Most reviews I read on this product say that they use it before blow drying but I actually find the results are much better when I use it on dry hair.

It smells like strawberries and cream, which is not for everyone, but I adore it. It also has tiny particles of glitter through it which I assume are what makes the hair so shiny and you can definitely see it in pictures. In the swatch below you can actually see its pearly shimmery texture. It really is a lovely girly product, and I always feel like using it before a night out as it is so luxurious.

This product is hard to find, and seems to only be available online or at selected hairdressing salons. I purchased mine from Feel Unique for around £15, which isn't cheap, but its not too bad either considering you only have to use the teeniest amount, and you do get results! If you have coarse, thick hair and dry ends this is definitely something worth investing in.

I'm also aware that there are many other products in the S Factor range, and I am really interested to try the Serious conditioner. I've even heard that the beautiful Zoella is a huge fan of the brand, and her locks are definitely in amazing condition.

If you are interested in this or any other products from the range click here for a swatch ;)

Have you ever tried anything from the S Factor range?


  1. I love the S-Factor range, you should try the conditioners they are amazing and the only thing that will tackle my almost dreadlocking hair haha. Will definitely have to try this out cause my hair is always a frizz bomb by the end of the day.

    Hannah xxx

    1. This is the first thing I have tried but I love it and the smell is amazing!! :) Defo going to splurge out on the shampoo and conditioner when I next get paid!

  2. Seems like a great product, must give it a go!

    1. If you have dry ends its defo worth investing in! Followed you on bloglovin babe! :) xxxxxxxxxxx

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