Friday, 21 February 2014

Can Lee Stafford really grow my hair?

For a long time now it has occurred to me that it is extremely fashionable to have long shiny hair, and that the days of the 'pob' (not that I ever suited it anyway) are sadly over. Obviously for those of us with long, silky tresses that is good news, but if your hair is anything like mines is then growing and maintaining long and healthy hair may require a little more work. I also cannot emphasize enough that there is no point in growing out your hair unless you can keep and maintain its health and that split ends, and rats tails are SO not a good look (regular trims girls!).

I started dying my hair when I was thirteen. In fact, to tell you a somewhat tragic tale I longed and longed to be blonde and so purchased a box of peroxide from my local supermarket and in a frenzy of spontaneity popped it on my hair without the slightest clue as to what I was doing. I didn't even tell my mum, but simply locked myself in the bathroom. An hour later my hair was yellow and patchy, and my scalp was itchy and sore from the harsh chemicals.(Any thirteen year olds reading this should not get any bad ideas haha!)

Almost ten years later and I have only recently stopped dying my hair. In fact, I barely use heat tools on it anymore, and when I do I will ALWAYS use a heat protect-ant. I also cut my hair into a long bob around this time last year to get rid of all my split ends; a decision which made me so upset that I went out and purchased new clip in hair immediately after, which I fortunately never used. 

Slowly but surely my hair is showing many signs of improvement. Its thicker, longer and shinier, not to mention I have a lot less fall out in the shower. It might not be princess length yet (waist length) but it is just past my boobs when I straighten it and seems to be growing faster than usual. So, you may all be wondering were the Lee Stafford product comes in.

The Lee Stafford Treatment For Hair That Never Grows Past a Certain Length (jeez what a mouthful), is something I noticed in Boots ages ago, but never picked up, mainly due to the fact it was more expensive than I like to pay for a drugstore hair treatment, and that I had serious doubts about whether or not a product could actually encourage your hair to grow longer or faster. I have always been told by my hairdresser that no product can make your hair grow at a faster pace than is natural, and that only taking care of your hair will speed this process up.

The product itself is used between shampoo and conditioner and left on the scalp for around 5 minutes (I should also point out that there is an accompanying hair growth shampoo and conditioner to go with this mask, but the bottles are tiny so I prefer to stick with my usual ones.). The packaging says to use an egg sized amount, but I think even half of that is sufficient.While I'm waiting I usually give myself a mini head massage as this is supposed to encourage the blood flow around your scalp and keep it healthy (the more you know!). Once this has been washed out I usually only condition my lengths and ends as I tend to suffer from oily roots that result from a build up of product. 

The Results: So this is probably the part that you have all been waiting for right? You all want to know whether or not my hair has actually grown faster as a result of using this treatment. I would firstly like to say that I have definitely noticed an improvement in the condition of my hair overall since using this. It has been a lot stronger and thicker and is not as prone to breakage as it was previously. I also don't suffer from any 'shedding' when using this treatment so those are all very positive things! My hair has been growing pretty fast recently, but because I have been taking such good care of it I have no idea as to whether or not it is as a result of using this product! I would say that because the product strengthens your hair and reduces breakage it probably does encourage it to grow not only faster but more healthily than normal.

However, my top tips for growing out hair are STILL about taking good care of it and not using anything which is going to permanently damage it on a regular basis (eg hair extensions, heat, harsh dye). If you don't take good care of your hair anyways then do not expect this treatment to work. 

Is anyone else intrigued by this product? What are your tips for long, healthy hair?



  1. this smells amazing doenst it xx

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