Thursday, 30 January 2014

A lazy beauty product.

I've often found it an absolute chore to moisturize my body regularly. I've bought various body butters hoping to smell like honey or ginger bread, yet I find that when it comes to actually applying these supposedly luxurious products I am as lazy as they come.

I hate the monotonous task of drying myself after a shower and then waiting for a while before applying cream that is so thick it seems to leave a residue on my skin and hands for a whole day. It might smell nice but it is not exactly practical.

I bought the Brazil Nut Beautifying Oil from The Body Shop and  I seem to have gotten a really good deal as I only paid about £3.50 for this in the sale and yet I know for a fact most of the oils in the other fragrances retail at around £8.00.

This little oil has put my body woes to an end as it is really the fastest and least messiest way to moisturize the whole body. I simply rub this into damp skin as soon as I walk out of the shower, dry off with a towel and it leaves me with gorgeous skin that smells as sweet as a nut! (I couldn't resist.)

I also noticed that this can be used on the face and hair and although I have never tried either I am such a fan of multi-use products. I really do feel this is great value for money and although it is a little bottle you only need to use a teeny amount so it is guaranteed to last ages.I should also point out that it is a dry oil formula so it doesn't leave you feeling sticky at all, and it also doesn't sting your legs in the way creams do if you use it straight after shaving.

All in all I'm ecstatic to have added a great new beauty regime to my routine and will definitely be purchasing another Body Shop oil when this one runs out (albeit full price).

PS I would also like to apologize for the poor quality photograph (I blame the scottish weather!), but this product is pretty self-explanatory.


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