Friday, 22 November 2013

Superdrug Three Piece Haul...

 As you can see from the picture this post is going to be a naughty little haul i did during the week. I am not supposed to be spending right now as I need to save money from Christmas, but I am a massive sucker for 3 for 2 offers:(

Popped into Superdrug for some shampoo and this is what happened...

 Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer, £6.99 in shade 52: While this isn't the most pigmented of bronzers' I quite enjoy the fact that unlike other products you can apply as much as you like and you will never look dirty, cakey or 'orange'. In this sense it is a good bronzer to use for contouring and it is one of the only high street bronzers without shimmer. It also smells like chocolate, but don't worry the scent only lasts until you apply the product to your face and then it fades.

 Bourjois Happy Light Primer in Luminous, £10.99: When I first tried this primer I wasn't sure what it was supposed to do. I thought it would give my face a nice glow but it sadly didn't and it didn't really help my make up last any longer either. That said I have found that this is great mixed with foundation and adds a little healthy glow if used with the likes of MAC Studio Fix or Estee Lauder's Double Wear. The price tag is a little hefty for something with no major effect so I will probably not purchase this again, but I have noticed that they do a matte version of this product so it could be that this one just doesn't suit my skin type. (normal-combination.)

Revlon Lip Butter in Macaroon, £7.99: This is my very first lip butter!! I have to say the hybrid of lip balm and lip stick confused me, which is probably the reason I didn't buy one for so long, but it is a fairly good product. It is long lasting and feels nourishing on the lips, and the shade Macaroon is extremely wearable. The only thing I was worried about was the fact it contained a bit of shimmer in it which I don't like but you can't notice this on the lips.

What has everyone else been hauling these days? What do you think of my choice of products? Have any of you used them before?

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

MUA Pro-Brow Kit | Review!

Hey everyone! Sorry about the ridiculous lack of updates on the blog lately it has been one thing after another with uni and then my laptop going mental! But I am finally back on the diaries to give my thoughts on a little product by MUA.

I bought this little eyebrow kit in Superdrug about a month ago after trying so hard to find it as it seems to be sold out all the time. So a huge thank you to Superdrug Silverburn for having this little baby in stock!

As you can see from the pictures the kit comes with two colours for eyebrows, which is a good idea as it saves you trying to guess the right colour for you and also you can mix the two shades together if neither of them are a perfect match. It also comes with a highlighter, a gel to keep your brows in place, a tiny little double ended brush, and finally a teeny weeny pair of tweezers. (So cute!) The packaging also has a big mirror making it perfect for on the go applications.

I have now been using this for around a month and I would say that while it isn't the best eyebrow kit I have used it is very good value for money. It seems to last most of the day, and i usually only need to tidy my brows up with the gel and not the powder.  What I would say is that the tweezers and the brush are not the best quality, so I would advise using your own and only having these handy for on the go applications. I found the tweezers were a little stiff and the brush tends to get clogged up with product fairly quickly. I also don't really like the highlighter as I prefer a white one, but some of you might!

If you are looking for something that will give your brows definition that lasts all day and don't want to pay a fortune then this little kit is a good'un!

I have seen this product going on eBay for almost a tenner and that's probably due to the fact it is constantly sold out, but to save you some pennies (it is nearly Christmas after all) why don't you order it from the Superdrug online store for £3.50 by clicking here!


Saturday, 2 November 2013

L'oreal Ever Sleek | Review

Firstly, I want to apologize for the poor quality of the photograph. I wanted to get this post up quickly so I had to make do with my iPhone camera.

I purchased from the Ever Sleek range the shampoo and hair mask and I have to admit I am really disappointed.They both claim to smooth overworked and frizzy hair, but actually I thought the shampoo just made my hair fluffier and frizzier.

I do like the fact that the products are all sulfate free, which means that they are gentle on the hair and will not strip your hair of natural oils the way some shampoos do.Because of this they are also hard to lather so if you are used to using something like Herbal Essences then this will take a while to get used to. In all honesty the shampoo is okay. It smells nice and my hair feels clean, but I did not in any way notice that it reduced frizz nor that it made my hair any shinier. I also have a feeling that this shampoo is a little expensive for a drugstore brand and I will not be splashing out on it again.

Now onto the real disappointment; the hair mask. I really disliked this product. I feel as though all it did was make my hair greasy even when I only used it on my lengths and ends. I didn't notice that it protected my ends the way I noticed with the L'oreal Elvive and this mask was twice the price! It made my hair smell nice and helped to de-tangle. That is literally all.For this reason I will definitely not be repurchasing this product.

I feel that the L'oreal Sleek range is definitely not suited to my hair type. I have fairly long, and extremely thick hair which can be fluffy after washing and is coarse in texture. I also suffer from split ends which is why I like the idea of hair masks as they protect my ends. I think these products would maybe work well for people with dry fine hair so if that is you then by all means try these products. If you are like me however AVOID. I am so disappointed as I really thought these would work well on my hair.

Have any of you tried these products? What were your results?
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