Sunday, 22 September 2013

Mini Body Shop Haul

Hey everyone!

Last Thursday my local Body Shop (Glasgow Argyll St) had 30% off for students, which of course being a student, and massive fan of The Body Shop I just could not resist.

From left to right:

Coconut, Eau De Toilette, £8.50*

Atlas Mountain Rose, Fragrance Mist, £7.50*

Honeymania Lip Balm, £4.00*

Honeymania Cream Body Scrub, £12.50*

*Price before discount.

Since I'm a huge fan of The Body Shop, it turns out I'd had my eye on the new Honeymania range ever since it launched at the end of July. The scent is super sweet without being sickly, and also strangely uplifting.
I have yet to try the scrub out, but since it has been marketed as a 'Cream Scrub' I can only imagine this means it will be just like the normal exfoliators except with added moisturizing benefits. (maybe)

 I also bought a lip balm of the same scent as you can never go wrong with a body shop lip balm they are so creamy and melt into the lips leaving them hydrated and moisturized without feeling at all sticky.

Right picture shows inside of the scrub product.

Next, I purchased two scents. The coconut perfume is one of my favourites, and what I love about the body shop fragrances is that they are exactly what they say on the bottle. I find the smell of fresh coconut uplifting and luxurious, and it is also free from that horrible alcohol smell that is often associated with perfume.

The next fragrance I purchased was slightly more new to me although I had sniffed it a few weeks back and completely fallen in love with it. Its a very floral scent full of roses yet it is surprisingly fresh. I also love how this comes in a huge 100ml bottle, which means I will not be shying away from spraying this any time soon. (Ha!)

As i spent over £15 pounds I also got the above free gift as well as a free 'love your Body' card. The gift contains a few miniatures, serum and a lip gloss. I am going to be doing a review of the free gift once I have tested all of the products so stay posted for the update.

Thank you The Body Shop for a few great discounts and my free gift!

Have any of you tried the new Honeymania range? Thoughts?

Much Love, L :)



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